About Craigie Street Bistrot

Mission and Promise

Eat Out and Feel at Home

Walk through the front door of the Craigie Street Bistrot and you have the feeling you’ve dropped in on a cheerful dinner party at home with close friends. Warm colors, comfortable furniture, pleasant aromas, and the buzz of contented guests fill the room.

Their Promise to You

The bistrot is a family business made possible through the efforts of friends and family.  Since they have no stable of outside investors, all their energies are directed to making you feel welcome and totally satisfied. Craigie Street Bistrot is definitely not a “formula” restaurant; nor is it the place  to “be seen.” Rather, it’s where you go if you love to eat good food and want to feel at home doing it.  At Craigie Street Bistrot, you feel taken care of at all times --  from your first inquiring phone call to the end of each meal. This comes from sincere and heartfelt actions, not obsequious gestures, and from attention to every detail of the food, decor, and service. At Craigie Street Bistrot, Chef Tony Maws personally oversees the preparation of every dish, as well as restaurant operations.  The result: they promise that the high standards set at the outset are never compromised.

The bistrot’s staff embodies these same principles. They are courteous and sincere to guests, blending professionalism with a relaxed formality. The waitstaff are well educated about the menu and each returning customer, and do not hesitate to communicate with the chef to ensure a diner’s complete satisfaction.

The Approach? Simple (and Often Surprising) but Superb

The chef insists (to the point of fanaticism!) on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The food is prepared with impeccable technique reflecting his training. The result is a cuisine of simplicity, resourcefulness, and originality —in the real French Bistrot Moderne style— without the pretense associated with many bistrot “wannabe's.”

The chef capitalizes on the close relationships he has forged with purveyors and farmers. Through these relationships, he seeks to maximize the products available to the restaurant on any given day. Yet, he is not a slave to his inventory sheet; instead, his daily shopping instills a sense of whimsy and spontaneity. Guests have the opportunity to experience both “old favorites,” as well as lesser-known ingredients, hard-to-find produce items and less obvious cuts of meat -- all prepared with flair. A small, affordable wine list supplements the menu, with an emphasis on less familiar but superb vintners.

They’ll Keep the 'Fun' in Your Functions – One Meal at a Time  

Craigie Street Bistrot welcomes dinner parties of all sizes, with up to 25 guests sharing one room. Party menus are customized for each group and occasion so that guests do not feel like they are being served the usual  “rubber chicken” banquet style food.

You Shouldn’t Have to Leave Your Neighborhood to Eat Fine, Affordable Food

The bistrot is proud to be in a residential neighborhood and it pays special attention to these surroundings so the community can easily feel a sense of  “ownership” of its little neighborhood restaurant. The changing menu gives guests a reason to visit often. In addition, the bistrot features a three-course reduced rate “neighborhood menu” so guests are encouraged to stop by regularly -- alone or in groups--  for a light meal and glass of wine.

The chef has two culinary idols — his grandmother Hannah and the Bistrots Modernes of France. If you love to eat and want food prepared with flair but without pretense, you’ll want to dine often at Craigie Street Bistrot.